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About Christina as an Artist


Artist Statement

I am a graphic designer and digital media artist. The tools of my trade vary from step to step. In the conceptual stage, I use a sketchbook and writing implements to sketch ideas, storyboard and record my thought process. When I move from paper to the computer I use the Adobe Creative Suite to put my ideas into a digital format. When I get stuck in a rut I often move back to a sketchbook until I find a solution to the block I hit before continuing on the computer. Most of my work is made for print so I am constantly printing throughout the process and pining up my designs, so I can see what the product will look like.  


  • Photography

  • Art

  • Learning New Skills

  • Drawing 

  • Stories 


  • Make a difference in the world

  • Design a coloring book

  • Work for a non-profit

Geometric Self Portriat-01.jpg
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